Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strangers, again

Came across this short film on YouTube, someone sent me the link, and as I was watching through the whole video there was so much similarity and resemblance to what we all go through. Don't you think so? Indeed the scenes were all so real, well of course some humour were injected into the entire short film. It might be 16 minutes long but it's worth the watch!

Anyway, here's sharing the video with anyone who reads my blog or so happen to come across.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 By ALX&SRH

Remember something new was awaiting? It is finally here! I've started a SECOND website with Srh, and we are going to post randoms such as photography, (minimal) writing and fashion. I will still be blogging on, of course. It'll probably just be more personal here ;)

Hope you all like it! ♥

(click on link)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brunch At Hatched

I was craving for some pancakes last weekend, and since MacDonald's breakfast menu is only till 12 noon during weekends what more than to have pancakes at Hatched? Thank goodness for all day breakfast restaurants, you'll never miss breakfast again!

In order to satisfy this craving, I headed down to Hatched on a gloomy/cloudy Sunday to get some breakfast (or you could say brunch since it was already 3pm when I got there). As you can see in the picture right below, that is the poached eggs with salmon set. I honestly enjoyed this more than the pancake that I was having but well, at least I got to satisfy that craving!

It started pouring before I could finish my meal so I was stuck inside the restaurant for awhile before the sun came out again. No pictures of the pancakes as I thought they weren't as delectable looking in photographs. And another Sunday is here to come before we all head back to the busy Monday again.

Why don't you grab your kind of Sunday breakfast this weekend? I know most people don't eat breakfast (almost everyday). Perhaps you could share your favourite brunch meals! :)


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Copenhagen, Denmark 2011

I'm almost done up with my new site, just a bit more to go. Perhaps you might have figured that out from the previous post Was facing a bit of technical problems in the previous week but fret not, I've new photos to share! :)

Once in awhile, you might see special guest writers in it too so watch out for it. (Hint Hint)

That's all for now, till the release!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Disposable Film

My roll of film which I had since February this year. It's nothing much but it does bring back memories to me personally. Hope you might find some of these interesting to your eye ;)

Dubai, February 2011

Moscow 2011, Winter

Houston 2011, Winter moving into Spring

Copenhagen, Daylight Saving - 27 March 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dessert Buffet @ One Ninety

I'm not much of a food blogger as compared to Brad aka Ladyironchef but I decided to try a post on food, or rather dessert. Met up with Joyanne for a dessert buffet at The Four Seasons Hotel. The price of this buffet was SGD$18.90 but the only period it's available is only from 2 - 3.30pm.

So anyway, the spread was only available at a short table by the corner. I expected the selection to be more but it's still not too bad. It was filled with lots of sliced mini cakes, warm chocolate in shot glasses, fruit tarts and puddings (all that sweet selection). After the first helping of desserts I was already feeling too much sugar level going up to my head. Well, the trick to appreciating desserts is to have a glass of ice water ready right beside you. That way, you could keep yourself going by cleansing your throat of all that sweetness with the ice water.

Desserts are normally pretty things to look at, so here's Joyanne snapping a picture of her selection with her phone.

I thought this cupcake was pretty tiny and cute.

I shall end my post with a cute kitty paper hand towel roll, almost purchased this item but I thought perhaps I should put that money aside for rainy days. So I took a photo of that kitty roll instead. ;)