Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movies List

To watch, and re-watch again.

You can say it's all of a similar genre for now. I hope they have it on the plane, might be quite unlikely.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

I started blogging since I was 14, I remember it was Trudy, my classmate, who urged me to start a blog as she had one of her own. Back then, I was very into and I constantly read blogs like Corinne's ( which lead to my purchases on her very popular online store 'Candypulp'.

As such, blogs like these had Nuffnang's banners and surveys on them. It lead me to signing up for an account of my own as I thought it was interesting to have banners placed on my own blog too. Well, of course, my old blogs are now locked as they had too much private information on it. They're also a reflection of my past to show how much I've grown up.

Here's a screenshot of the old
(As you can see the Nuffnang banner code is still there but the blog is not active anymore therefore the broken code)

How it begun:

3 years ago when I was still doing freelance modeling and also pageants (which I'm not exactly very proud of right now, but hey everyone has their past right?), I met Val at the Miss Earth Singapore 2009 pageant and our friendship blossomed to what it is today.

As Val was one of their top beauty bloggers, the first Nuffnang event she ever invited me to was the Blog Awards back in 2009. Though it was the first event I attended, I made quite a few new friends on that day itself! To name some, Liza, Josh and Violet (!

yeah, I pretty much got into the blackberry craze too. My first berry still brand new then!

Who would have thought 3 years later, I was part of their team. And the story continues with a lot more friendships and memories made through my time there.

While searching for old pictures, I found this image of Mel and I when working at Velvet. Gosh, photos really play a part in memories, if not for the invention of photography I wonder how much a human mind can actually remember as time passes!

If you're reading this, miss you, Mel! Thank you all for the memories! And thank you Nuffnang for all the memories thus far! I hope my NN journey won't stop here. May #NAPBAS 2011 be a successful one!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Okay

yours truly