Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Glass Windows

So recently I've been working in a glass house. It made me think twice about having one in future due to the climate here in Singapore. Then again, everyday I think of wanting to have a home somewhere over the other side of the world. I love how aesthetically appealing a glass home can be, but yet when the sun gets too hot the whole entire place feels like a living oven.

Sometimes, I look back to ponder on the reasons to why I gave up luxury then. I think I've been privileged to have come across so many good things in life. However, at different phases I actually made a decision to let these opportunities go. Anyways, the thing is, a person's priorities in life changes constantly as we age. Till then, I hope my 5-year plan will remain more or less constant for things to work out. Can't wait to be in a happy place in the near future, I look forward to living closer to the beach with clear waters! ♥


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On A Holiday

I'm writing this entry while in Sydney, NSW. A much needed vacation after a pretty stressful first half of the year. On second thought, we're actually moving into the third quarter of the year already. It's so scary how time flew by. I remember how upset I was the last time I flew here. Things are different now, always growing up by the day, I'm glad things are settling in after the storm at the beginning of the year.

So anyways, more dream homes to share. I've always been a big fan of glass houses. It's the toughest to maintain, but it gives the home a much more spacious feel and look to it. Of course, this would be most ideal if your glass house is located in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by trees. Wouldn't want your privacy to be forsaken there.

Excited as I'm going to the beach tomorrow. The weather here is a bit chilly but that's alright, I've always loved the combination of sun and beach. The sun is pretty strong here, but at least the air is much dryer as compared to sin city. I'm hoping to revive but the reality of life is that I am too tied up with work. This is the sad fact of life for most Singaporeans. Perhaps if I could, I might do some posts of my travelogue here. Honestly, traveling alone has got to be one of the craziest and most exciting thing to do in life apart from traveling with a really good friend.

Well, the thing that changes a person after he/she has traveled alone is that your mind will be opened up to a wider perspective of things. And I'm glad I've been doing so. Till the sunny sun and sea breezes tomorrow!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unique Luxury Homes

Image credit to Michael Freeman Photography

I've been re-watching The O.C. television series from Season 1 all over again. Work stress has been taking a toll thus I made it a point to just return straight home and relax myself by watching something I love. Apart from that, I've also been watching what I eat regularly. This has got to be an all time record on how conscious I am with what my food intake. I used to be able to exercise regularly to balance out my diet, but I hardly have the chance now to jog on a weekday night ever since the third stalking incident I faced in my neighborhood. To emphasize the severity of the incident, I had to make my way to the nearest police station to report on such suspicious characters around my area. The other reason to my amended work out regime, would be due to my (one and only) favorite pair of sport shoes finally dying on me after 7 years.

Back to The O.C.

Architecture still amazes me by the day and this time round after watching a few episodes of the show (I lost count the number of times I've watched it by the way), I became even more fascinated with the homes they were shot in. For instance, one of the houses featured, characters Caleb Nichol and Julie Cooper lived in, is actually owned by National Football League player Brian Bosworth. It is definitely one of the grandest homes I've ever seen on screen and I really can't help but wonder how did the producers manage to scout for such places to represent the set design. Yes, they were replicated subsequently in the indoor scenes.

Having all that said, yes my bedroom revamp was a success and I'm too much in love with it right now! x

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inspirational Spaces

Recently I've been trying to map out my own space, basically my bedroom, because I realize that as we grow older we develop acquired taste for various things in life. Perhaps it started from my OCD, at times I would come home and wipe my bedroom clean, pack everything neatly and enjoy the tidiness by lying on my bed after. For me, I started appreciating the art of interior design and I have been constantly searching up for space inspirations.

But of course I have my own selective taste in this aspect too, i.e. not too dark of a wood color or no lime greens on the couch or cushions (not that I have anything against lime green), so I became extremely picky when choosing the type of furniture I require in my room. Same concept, you don't mess with the chef or the person cooking in the kitchen by adding extra ingredients to the dish; you don't mess with someone who has a specific look in mind to a room design. I am pretty sure my family members know of that by now, no messing with how my room is going to be. Nuh uh.

Soon I might start spring cleaning my entire house because right now I have cousins/relatives from overseas, and unfortunately they haven't exactly been good guests thus far. I'll pardon them this time because they're only children. What do kids know of being tidy, right? I was once a messy kid too. May I add, my cousins are extremely hyperactive.

This brings my space inspiration post to and end.

I will write again.

Monday, May 28, 2012

And the Week Ends

Museum days are always awesome with the right company. Credits to Srh for the picture above :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Is Not Enough (feat. Zoë Johnston) - A&B Club Mix

Technology has caught up with so many of us, or rather we have to catch up on it. Since the rise of Instagram, I have decided to mark down the various high points in my life thus far. Perhaps 2012 will be the square pictures year for me, where maisonic dimensions have moved. I'm just kidding, no I'm not.

First photo marks a really happy Wednesday I've had after the longest time. Dinner with le girlfriend and xx, after which we headed to zouk to meet my batch mates. The cupcake was one of the prettiest I've ever had. Good books and excess accessories make me feel contented. Photoshoots with Srh = good (ole) times. Tres bien mac 'n' cheese I would want to have it again on Sundays and the ring which I lost and got back (details below).

So anyways, I went to Andy Warhol's exhibition at the ArtScience Museum and I was so careless I left one of my rings in the ladies'. By the time I realize I left it there and went back to retrieve it, it was gone. Miraculously, I didn't bother about the lost ring so I continued to view the exhibits normally. Just as I left the museum, I saw my ring at the counter and I managed to get it back!

I think I should be about done with this word vomit, it's been awhile. As you can see I've changed the layout again. Long live glasshalls!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This time, I'll be; bulletproof.

I might have a little exquisite taste lately, a thing for androgyny and girls who put makeup at the same time. I like her style, strangely.

Her features are actually pretty decent with light make up. :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Don't Know My Name

This is the real R&B,apart from Jill Scott's music, I wish Alicia would marry me. Seriously. The perfect combination for a music video, Alicia Keys & Mos Def. Way too sexy!

Monday, March 5, 2012

What's It Like To Be In Love?

I did try to tell myself not to listen to sad songs. I can't help but be mesmerized by Lana Del Rey. Her music is just one of a kind, like how we differentiate musicians like Bjork. Anyways, I meant to download her music over the net but I can't seem to find one of good quality. Searched iTunes for it, was pretty much prepared to purchase just the track alone, and I realized that her music is more expensive than the rest. Like about 2X the price of one track? I'm contemplating if I should even purchase it now!

Her lyrics are pretty much morbid but it just gives me this dark creepy yet so beautiful feeling at the same time.

I will pen off her (or rather type off here, if there's such a phrase) and no, I don't know what it is like to be in love anymore.

Enjoy the track,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life is good with food

Blogging from my new iPhone 4s at the moment. Trying out the blogger app, pretty awesome! Here's my instagram diary and also instagram FOOD diary. I have to say each meal had been insanely good, good food and also good company :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Achieve; Self

It's been a week. And I'm so proud of myself. Honestly. Yes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heartbreak Warfare

I made a meal tonight. I have gradually learnt to like cooking ever since someone commented that I seem like the sort who gets served all the time. Or ever since someone I love doubted I can cook. Cooking has slowly become a therapy for me, that's because I get to concentrate on making the dish at its best. In my own style of course.

And I've decided to lay off extremely emotional trance/house/minimal techno music for the time being. It makes me really depressed as much as I love that sort of music. For a change, I put on a favourite hillsong of mine. Strange I know, that I even listen to such things, I only have one hillsong that I listen to ever since my secondary school friends introduced it to me. Yeah you can imagine, that was like ages ago.

After listening to calmer songs (I supposed that's how you describe it), I feel so much better and at ease. I've decided, perhaps I should start being a little more religious to make believe in things. I've been speaking to so many people recently and before I left on a plane a few days ago, I realized that there are so many people in my life who cared a lot about me, and also love me. I guess I'm really blessed, I haven't seem to believe that fact in the past.

Now, I'll leave you with two tracks that made me feel so much better as I type this entry alone in a room, far away from home. In a way, I can't wait to head home and start anew on everything.

With love,
yours truly

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Horoscope read for the day

"You have recently celebrated your birthday or you will soon, Capricorn. And with your birthday comes the chance for you to examine your life, and whether you are fulfilling your destiny here on earth. That's a pretty heavy concept, but it is something you need to do. You may have felt lately as though you're floundering around without as much purpose as you should have, and that could be because you have unresolved thoughts about your future, and where you should be heading. As a birthday gift to yourself, spend some time contemplating what you really want in life, and how to get it. Because this year, you've got a good chance of getting it."

This is just so scarily, 100%, true.

Friday, January 6, 2012


An excuse for the occasion. I have thus placed a wishlist for things (mostly gadgets) I hope to have at this moment. I won't deny that I'm pretty much a gadget girl. ^o^v


how this is worn here

Dream on, or till I've saved up enough.