Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heartbreak Warfare

I made a meal tonight. I have gradually learnt to like cooking ever since someone commented that I seem like the sort who gets served all the time. Or ever since someone I love doubted I can cook. Cooking has slowly become a therapy for me, that's because I get to concentrate on making the dish at its best. In my own style of course.

And I've decided to lay off extremely emotional trance/house/minimal techno music for the time being. It makes me really depressed as much as I love that sort of music. For a change, I put on a favourite hillsong of mine. Strange I know, that I even listen to such things, I only have one hillsong that I listen to ever since my secondary school friends introduced it to me. Yeah you can imagine, that was like ages ago.

After listening to calmer songs (I supposed that's how you describe it), I feel so much better and at ease. I've decided, perhaps I should start being a little more religious to make believe in things. I've been speaking to so many people recently and before I left on a plane a few days ago, I realized that there are so many people in my life who cared a lot about me, and also love me. I guess I'm really blessed, I haven't seem to believe that fact in the past.

Now, I'll leave you with two tracks that made me feel so much better as I type this entry alone in a room, far away from home. In a way, I can't wait to head home and start anew on everything.

With love,
yours truly

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Horoscope read for the day

"You have recently celebrated your birthday or you will soon, Capricorn. And with your birthday comes the chance for you to examine your life, and whether you are fulfilling your destiny here on earth. That's a pretty heavy concept, but it is something you need to do. You may have felt lately as though you're floundering around without as much purpose as you should have, and that could be because you have unresolved thoughts about your future, and where you should be heading. As a birthday gift to yourself, spend some time contemplating what you really want in life, and how to get it. Because this year, you've got a good chance of getting it."

This is just so scarily, 100%, true.

Friday, January 6, 2012


An excuse for the occasion. I have thus placed a wishlist for things (mostly gadgets) I hope to have at this moment. I won't deny that I'm pretty much a gadget girl. ^o^v


how this is worn here

Dream on, or till I've saved up enough.