Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inspirational Spaces

Recently I've been trying to map out my own space, basically my bedroom, because I realize that as we grow older we develop acquired taste for various things in life. Perhaps it started from my OCD, at times I would come home and wipe my bedroom clean, pack everything neatly and enjoy the tidiness by lying on my bed after. For me, I started appreciating the art of interior design and I have been constantly searching up for space inspirations.

But of course I have my own selective taste in this aspect too, i.e. not too dark of a wood color or no lime greens on the couch or cushions (not that I have anything against lime green), so I became extremely picky when choosing the type of furniture I require in my room. Same concept, you don't mess with the chef or the person cooking in the kitchen by adding extra ingredients to the dish; you don't mess with someone who has a specific look in mind to a room design. I am pretty sure my family members know of that by now, no messing with how my room is going to be. Nuh uh.

Soon I might start spring cleaning my entire house because right now I have cousins/relatives from overseas, and unfortunately they haven't exactly been good guests thus far. I'll pardon them this time because they're only children. What do kids know of being tidy, right? I was once a messy kid too. May I add, my cousins are extremely hyperactive.

This brings my space inspiration post to and end.

I will write again.