Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unique Luxury Homes

Image credit to Michael Freeman Photography

I've been re-watching The O.C. television series from Season 1 all over again. Work stress has been taking a toll thus I made it a point to just return straight home and relax myself by watching something I love. Apart from that, I've also been watching what I eat regularly. This has got to be an all time record on how conscious I am with what my food intake. I used to be able to exercise regularly to balance out my diet, but I hardly have the chance now to jog on a weekday night ever since the third stalking incident I faced in my neighborhood. To emphasize the severity of the incident, I had to make my way to the nearest police station to report on such suspicious characters around my area. The other reason to my amended work out regime, would be due to my (one and only) favorite pair of sport shoes finally dying on me after 7 years.

Back to The O.C.

Architecture still amazes me by the day and this time round after watching a few episodes of the show (I lost count the number of times I've watched it by the way), I became even more fascinated with the homes they were shot in. For instance, one of the houses featured, characters Caleb Nichol and Julie Cooper lived in, is actually owned by National Football League player Brian Bosworth. It is definitely one of the grandest homes I've ever seen on screen and I really can't help but wonder how did the producers manage to scout for such places to represent the set design. Yes, they were replicated subsequently in the indoor scenes.

Having all that said, yes my bedroom revamp was a success and I'm too much in love with it right now! x