Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On A Holiday

I'm writing this entry while in Sydney, NSW. A much needed vacation after a pretty stressful first half of the year. On second thought, we're actually moving into the third quarter of the year already. It's so scary how time flew by. I remember how upset I was the last time I flew here. Things are different now, always growing up by the day, I'm glad things are settling in after the storm at the beginning of the year.

So anyways, more dream homes to share. I've always been a big fan of glass houses. It's the toughest to maintain, but it gives the home a much more spacious feel and look to it. Of course, this would be most ideal if your glass house is located in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by trees. Wouldn't want your privacy to be forsaken there.

Excited as I'm going to the beach tomorrow. The weather here is a bit chilly but that's alright, I've always loved the combination of sun and beach. The sun is pretty strong here, but at least the air is much dryer as compared to sin city. I'm hoping to revive but the reality of life is that I am too tied up with work. This is the sad fact of life for most Singaporeans. Perhaps if I could, I might do some posts of my travelogue here. Honestly, traveling alone has got to be one of the craziest and most exciting thing to do in life apart from traveling with a really good friend.

Well, the thing that changes a person after he/she has traveled alone is that your mind will be opened up to a wider perspective of things. And I'm glad I've been doing so. Till the sunny sun and sea breezes tomorrow!