Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Glass Windows

So recently I've been working in a glass house. It made me think twice about having one in future due to the climate here in Singapore. Then again, everyday I think of wanting to have a home somewhere over the other side of the world. I love how aesthetically appealing a glass home can be, but yet when the sun gets too hot the whole entire place feels like a living oven.

Sometimes, I look back to ponder on the reasons to why I gave up luxury then. I think I've been privileged to have come across so many good things in life. However, at different phases I actually made a decision to let these opportunities go. Anyways, the thing is, a person's priorities in life changes constantly as we age. Till then, I hope my 5-year plan will remain more or less constant for things to work out. Can't wait to be in a happy place in the near future, I look forward to living closer to the beach with clear waters! ♥